Virginia Mom Warns Parents After ‘Perfectly Healthy’ Toddler Nearly Dies From Teething Gel

Danielle Kapetanovic, of Chantilly, Virginia, is sharing her story after she almost lost her 15-month-old girl Chloe in the wake of giving her getting teeth gel to facilitate her agony.

The evening of Feb. 26, Kapetanovic, 34, says she put not exactly a “pea measure” measure of Orajel’s evening time getting teeth gel on Chloe’s gums. She says her little girl quickly ended up lethargic and was not relaxing.

“It resembled something had ceased within her; like she was not there,” Kapetanovic tells PEOPLE. “Despite the fact that her eyes were open and secured a dead gaze, she was totally limp. She was turning blue. I needed to respond, so I lifted her up and I was hitting her back.”

As Kapetanovic’s significant other, Mike, called 911, the terrified mother did CPR revival on her girl until she ended up responsive.

“I was shouting. It’s the scariest thing that is ever transpired,” Kapetanovic says. “I just responded. I was attempting to do all that I could to recover her. It resembled she was no more. I lifted her up and she was simply dangling there. It was completely astonishing.

“That picture is burned in my mind. She didn’t appear as though she had lived in her. implanty Gliwice

The whole experience endured as long as 30 seconds, she says. Medicinal professionals before long arrived and verified that the young lady was fine after the episode. Kapetanovic says she remained up the whole night with Chloe, keeping an eye on her for the duration of the night.

In an announcement to PEOPLE, Church and Dwight Co., Inc. the creator of Orajel, says: “Orajel™ Teething Gels contain benzocaine and are prescribed for youngsters two years or more seasoned. Church and Dwight Co., Inc. the producer of Orajel™, exhorts on its bundling and site that parental figures of youngsters younger than two years counsel their doctor or social insurance proficient before utilizing Orajel™ getting teeth items.”

Kapetanovic recognizes that she realized the gel was proposed for kids 2 years of age and more seasoned, yet did not figure the substance would adversely affect Chloe, who she portrays as an “alive and well infant.”

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