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Versatile Telecom Companies frequently guarantee their web bundles are the best and in the in the interim, another organization asserts that they have the best. Individuals likewise have various necessities; some are genius clients who need boundless information utilization, some are infrequent clients, a few needs association however their information needs are not all that much, a few needs association just on ends of the week or around evening time…


So here we gathered all the significant web bundles of each of the 5 portable telecom organizations; Ufone, Zong, Mobilink, Telenor, and Warid. Here, we introduced web bundles in the forbidden structure for simple correlation and comprehension of our perusers. Bundles are for the most part partitioned in four classifications; Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Data Base Packages. And after that these bundles are looked at for charges, information volume breaking point and legitimacy, So you can without much of a stretch find and select the web bundle which best suits your needs. All Mobile Internet Packages Plans details is here,

Package Name Daily Charges (Rs.) Activation Charges (Rs.) Package Volume per Day Remarks
Ufone Daily Internet Package 10 100MB
Ufone Special Daily Package 4.99 75MB 01:00AM to 09:00PM
Zong Daily Package 5 10 60 Flexi Minutes Can be used any time during the day
Zong Good Night Offer 5 10 Unlimited downloads between 11:00PM to 9:00AM
Mobilink Daily Bundle 9.99 200MB
Mobilink Late Night Offer 3.99 200MB 12:00AM to 08:00AM
Warid 2MB Daily Package 3.5 2MB
Warid 15MB Daily Package 11.99 15MB
Telenor TalkShawk Economy Internet Bundle 3.99 3MB
Telenor Daily Package 10 3MB
Telenor Daily2 Package 12 15MB


Weekly Packages

Package Name Weekly Charges (Rs.) Activation Charges (Rs.) Package Volume per Week
Zong Weekly Package 35 10 Daily 120 minutes during weekdays

And unlimited usage on Saturday and Sunday

Mobilink Weekly Bundle 29.99 500MB
Telenor Weekly 35 15MB


Monthly Packages

Package Weekly Charges (Rs.) Package Volume per Week Remarks
Ufone Endless Internet Monthly Bucket 30 Unlimited Validity: 02:00AM to 09:00AM
Ufone Prepaid Mobile Internet 30 150 30MB
Ufone Prepaid Monthly 200 2GB
Ufone Prepaid Mobile Internet Unlimited 500 6GB
Ufone Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited 500 4GB
Zong Unlimited 200 2GB
Zong Prepaid Truly Unlimited 999 Unlimited
Zong Postpaid Truly Unlimited 400 Unlimited
Mobilink Monthly Bundle 99.99 200MB
Warid 100MB Mobile Internet Bucket 99.99 100MB
Telenor Monthly Bundle 105 45MB
Telenor Mega Monthly Bundle 250 500MB

Data Based Mobile Internet Packages

Package Price
Ufone Rs.18/MB
Zong Prepaid Rs.15+tax/MB
Zong Postpaid Rs.10+tax/MB
Mobilink Pay As You Go Rs.18/MB
Mobilink Mini Bundle Rs.1/MB
Telenor Rs.1.13/64KB

Terms and conditions:

             Prices are comprehensive of pertinent assessments.

             Daily Bundle and Late Night Offer memberships are for like clockwork (auto-recursive). On the off chance that you don’t have required parity at time of re-membership, you will be given 24 Hours elegance period. After reviving parity inside effortlessness period, offer will be bought in consequently. On the off chance that you would prefer not to keep utilizing any of these packs, if it’s not too much trouble withdraw through strings referenced in above table.

             Subscription charge for Mini pack is Rs. 2.99/day. Small scale group supporter can expend as much as he needs @ Rs. 1/MB until group lapses. No Fair Usage Policy applies.

             Pay As You Go is default bundle. This implies in the event that you are not bought in to any package, you will be charged by Pay As You Go rate. Charging heartbeats will be 64 KB.

             GPRS groups can be bought in and expended in both 2G and 3G systems at 2G speed.

             Overage for Daily social pack will be charged at Rs. 0.18/MB

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