Over the years, our physical stamina, potency and muscle mass deteriorate due to loss of type 2 muscle fibers, hindering the normal functioning of the human body. The use of a SARMS supplement, by individuals with androgen deficiency, results in an expressive improvement in muscle mass gain and muscle strength.

SARMS act as messengers when they enter the body and attach the cells, at which point the cells receive a command to grow and act accordingly. SARMS only attach to muscle and bone cells.


SARMS offer some prohormone-like benefits, but they are less harmful and more effective. SARMS are unique compounds because of their specificity in attaching themselves only to muscle and bone tissues.

In addition to SARMS supplements benefiting muscle growth, they also assist in improving physical performance overall. By offering a better anabolic-androgenic ratio than other supplements, SARMS supplements facilitate the growth and retention of muscle mass gained during the cycle.

Other benefits of SARMS supplements

  • Prevention of muscle wasting;
  • Development of lean muscle mass;
  • Rapid muscle recovery after injury;
  • Strengthening joints;
  • Increased muscle strength;
  • Expressive muscular hypertrophy;
  • Increased sexual appetite.

Additional benefits when SARMS is compared to steroid effects:

  • Virtually does not cause damage to the liver. Over a long period of time, the SARMS do not bind the liver cells, leaving them relatively untouched;
  • Practically no loss of bone tissue;
  • Less threat of prostate problems;
  • Does not interfere with hormonal balance (such as HPTA – Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis);
  • Has similar effect to testosterone;
  • Does not contain estrogen.


There are currently several types of SARMS available on the market, but their formulations may be relatively similar when sorted by their codes.

We list the most popular SARMS supplements among athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.


GW-501516 – Cardarine


Cardarine is a Delta PPAR Modulator also known as GW1516 or GSK-516, whose main function is to control metabolism and use blood glucose to create more muscles.


This results in an increase in energy and stamina and muscle, which is suitable for the stage of muscle definition or slimming. Cardarine is an important and very effective MRSA in lean muscle growth.


The GW-501516 is commonly used to increase levels of muscle endurance quickly, consequently facilitating muscle growth, another common use is for rapid burning of body fat.





Mk-677 also known as Ibutamoren or Ostarine is a SARMs formulated to stimulate appetite, increase energy release and growth hormone. This SARMS increases muscle mass and bone density, with remarkable effects after 3-6 weeks.


The use of Ostarine is favorable in the muscle hypertrophy phase, due to the significant increase in growth and recovery rates. Because it is a non-steroidal MRSA, it does not affect the hormonal cycle, ie it does not require TPC (post-cycle therapy) because it does not cause changes in testosterone.


Mk-677 is often used by bodybuilders and athletes in gaining more strength and muscle growth.




LGD-4033 is used in the areas of muscle growth, gains in muscle strength and increased bone density. This is a SARMS-friendly phase of muscle hypertrophy when the goal is to gain muscle mass as fast as possible and reduce body fat.


 S4 also known as GTx-007 or Andarine is selective for muscle tissue, with low potential for virilization. Developed initially for the treatment of osteoporosis and subsequently it has become a popular supplement among the bodybuilder and athletic, for resulting in high muscle retention and fat burning during the cycle.

S4 works by binding to the androgen receptor, resulting in a metabolic activity. This activation and binding increase the amount of protein to be synthesized, allowing more muscle to be created.

The use of Andarine is favorable during the muscle definition period.

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