6 Best Blogs For Sneaker News & Information

sneakers web journals have turned out to be huge business throughout the years. That implies many individuals attempting to plunge their toes in the cash pool for a brisk buck, notwithstanding when they have no business there in any case. 

Thus, in the course of the most recent couple of years, the scene of the sneakers blogosphere has seen some genuine changes. 

Editors and journalists that once had not very many options regarding where they could become well known, presently have openings each heading they look. The equivalent goes for the newcomers to the scene. 

With such huge numbers of individuals attempting to become well known in the “Tennis sneakers Media,” there is significantly more to consider in tennis sneakers online journals than simply the blog itself. 

Specialty destinations have been on the come up, making devoted followings for individuals that aren’t into each sort of tennis sneakers and simply need to find out about a particular component, similar to style, execution or even competitor. 

In any case, the hotshot websites and magazines can arrive at gigantic measures of sneakerheads once a day. In light of those things, investigate The 6 Best Sneaker Blogs Right Now. 


There are tennis sneakers writes that go about as a total wellspring of pictures skimming around on Instagram and different destinations. 

However, at that point there’s one blog that is a dependable hotspot for the majority of the others. 

Solezilla is a global site that fills in as a news stream of beforehand concealed sneakers and photographs from around the NBA from the prior night and is the best source for sneaker news

On the off chance that your preferred tennis sneakers blog is posting something, there’s a solid possibility it originated from Solezilla.


Campless might be moderately new to the tennis sneakers blog world yet they compensate for offering the best quality data on the genuine worth of your enthusiasm. 

By concentrating on the exchange costs of tennis sneakers, Campless has turned into an unquestionable requirement read for any individual who is not kidding about the estimation of their accumulation. 

They are basically in charge of the Kelley Blue Book of tennis sneakers as they as of late discharged, in a joint effort with Sole Collector, The Sole Collector Price Guide, the main information driven handbook for tennis sneakers resale esteems. 

Josh Luber has taken the information we as a whole focus on and sorted out the information in manners that make Campless a significant piece of tennis sneakers. 

Simply ask Cleveland Cavs proprietor Dan Gilbert who as of late put truckloads of money in Campless. 

Tennis Sneakers Magazine

Germany’s Sneaker-Magazine is perfect and has a huge amount of extraordinary by walking shots yet there’s considerably more to it that makes it stunningly better. 

With giveaways, occasions and a print magazine, these folks truly catch all parts of sneakers while having a print mag and as of late creating their very own absinthe-propelled collab with Kangaroos. 

Also that the print variant of the magazine disclosed the Ronnie Fieg x Diadora this year, as well. 

Sneakers Addict 

Excellent pictures and a perfect design make Sneakers Addict outstanding amongst other looking tennis sneakers writes on the web. 

Notwithstanding news, the #SADP arrangement includes by walking symbolism that tells only the best way to wear every single style. Verification that you don’t have to overcomplicate. 


As one of the longest running sneakers web journals, EUKicks has been a backbone since 2006. 

Lately, their Sneaker Tracker highlight has turned out to be perhaps the most ideal approaches to check whether and when a tennis sneakers winds up accessible. 

What’s more, we’re not simply talking in the UK, it’s a strong asset regardless of where you are on the planet. 


As one of the main thrusts in style, you can’t neglect Paris. Simply ask Kanye, that is the place he opened for business for his Yeezy Season 2 Collection. 

No tennis sneakers blog speaks to the patterns in French footwear superior to Sneakers.fr. What makes the site’s methodology novel is its emphasis on tennis sneakers styles that resound with the European shopper and have turned out to be progressively prominent in the U.S. showcase. 

It’s likewise a site that has been known, given the early rollout of specific sneakers abroad, to have discharge data before its American partners. It is anything but a site that posts all the sneakers news, simply the stuff you need to peruse.


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